Traditional Recurve Bow/Outdoor sports for Shooting/ Camo Wooden/For Kids

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This traditional recurve bow made with traditional methods for children and beginner young ladies.

Bow Type: Recurve Bow

Item Name: Recurve Bow/Toy

Bow Type: Recurve Bow

Bow Material: Wooden+fiberglass

Bow Length: 41inch/104cm

String Length: 38inch/98cm

Type: Recurve bow toy

Color: Camouflage

Draw weight: 15-20LBS

For: Children

Estimated Delivery Time:  USA 12-15 days/ Canada 16-20 days

Minimum Age Limit: 7 years old. (A small child (50 to 80 pounds) will be comfortable with a draw weight of 10 to 15 pounds (#). A larger child weighing 80 to 110 pounds may be best with a 15 to 20 pound (#) draw weight)


Do not aim a bow at a person, living thing or breakable object.

A bow must not be loaded with an arrow unless standing on the shooting line and the signal (All Clear) to start shooting has been given

Walk forward to collect the arrows, never run.

Read Carefully  Archery Safety Rules


Package Includes: 1x Recurve Bow/Toy/Camo