Multi Functional & Foldable /Adjustable Laptop Stand

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This portable laptop stands with adjustable height and ergonomic design to satisfy customer needs.  Sometimes you have the pain in your back and neck is due to the many hours you are spending hunched over your laptop. This stand will help your posture greatly!

Material: Rubber (eco-friendly)

Color: Black

Type: Lapdesks

Length: 29cm

Width: 27cm

Weight: 240 gr



Foldable and portable

Very light and easy to carry (only 240 grams)

Supports heavy laptops (up to 10 kg) 

Easy to open and close

Durable design

Quick opening, adjustable height, and strong bearing capacity



1) Arm rest

2) Arc grip

3) Height adjustment trigger 

4) Non-slip base

5) Spacers