Traditional Handmade Turkish Bow/Laminated/Recurve

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These Turkish bows made by Uyghur Turks with traditional methods. Turkish archery dates back to the Eurasian Steppe in the second millennium BC. Turkish archery uses a "thumb draw," employing a type of grip called "mandal." This grip prevents the arrow from moving if the archer is on a horse or firing at an unusual angle. Mounted archers were used as the main military force of Turkish armies. With bows like those, Attila the Hun and his warriors conquered much of Europe and Asia. Get Perfect Turkish Bow for Hunting and Target Shooting.


Bow Type: Recurve Bow

Item Name: Turkish bow

Material: Glass fiber, bamboo and ash wood

Total length: 125cm

String length: 120cm

Bow length(without string):120cm

Max.draw length(inch):32in.

Draw weight: 20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55 lbs

Brace height: 17cm

Estimated Delivery Time:  USA 12-15 days/ Canada 16-20 days


Do not aim at a human, Do not dryfire,
Take down the string when you don't use the bow

Put the bow in a dry and cool environment
When you pull the string, do not over the max draw length!
Do not use very light arrows,
Arrow weight have to more than the poundage of the bow multiply by 0.6

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