European Design Wall Photo Frame

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Picture frame wall that won't break the budget. Large, brass, high-quality frames perfectly spaced out to create a beautiful space in your home. Durable quality, these photo frames satisfy the desire of distinct & uniqueness. They are perfect to keep memories alive.


Style: Europe

With picture card: Yes

Material: Wood

Pack Type: Multi-frame

Type: Photo Frame

Shape: Rectangle

Installation Kit: Included

Occupying wall space: 60" * 33" 

Package Includes: 9 pcs/set photo frame with plexiglasses(frames are dark black color/Letters(letters are light black color /

Estimated Delivery Time:  USA 12-16 days/ Canada 17-21 days

Photo Size:  SM Type: 9 pcs 3 * 5″/ 2*7″/2*10″ / 2*13x6″

                      OS Type: 7 pcs 4*10″/3*13″

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