Emergency First Aid Kits

Emergency First Aid Kits

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During camping, hiking you should have First aid kit in case of emergency situations! First aid kit necessary for correct processing wound, prevent infection in emergency situations! It also can be used for family and for timely handling unexpected emergencies!

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools
Quantity: 1 Set Red FIRST AID KIT (12 Kinds/pack)


   1 x Elastic bandages
   1 x non-woven Tape
   2 x safety pin
   10 x Alcohol prep pad
   1 x Tweezers
   1x Scissors
   10 x band-aid
   4 x Povidone-lodine prep pad
   1 x Latex tourniquet
   2 x Gauze Pad
   1 x triangular bandage
   1 x Red Bag