3D Moon Lamp

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You can have the moon lighting up your room with this fashionable 3D Print Moon Lamp. The lamp really looks like and shapes like the full moon that comes in bright LED light. It can fit in both your hands so you can pretty much say that you’ve got the moon right in your hands. It even has moon craters and rocks that stimulates the surface of the moon. It gives out a soft light that will illuminate your room the way the moon in the sky gives light to the world!

Benefits: Unique Design, Adjustable Brightness,   Ideal Decoration for Home,   Wireless and USB rechargeable!


Material: Edible grade degradable PLA 

Color: Ivory White

Size: 15cm/10cm

Light Source:  LED

Charging Time: 3 hours

Product Power: 1W

Rated Voltage:110v-220v

Charging Type: US


Is Bulbs Included: Yes 



1x moonlight

1x data cable

1x manual

1x wood base